Welcome to the Fig & the Knife

Food and Art are our Passions!!  At The Fig & The Knife, we consider food to be a medium we use to create Artfully Balanced Flavors on your plate.  No matter what your dietary needs, likes or dislikes, cravings or otherwise, flavorful and healthy food should not be compromised.

We believe all the beautiful and aromatic spices out there, are like colors on a color wheel for your palate.  Carefully composed flavors, combined in various different quantities will result in complex and new experiences.  In other words, you can take the same few ingredients and combine them in different amounts to create new flavor profiles!! Can you imagine the possibilities?!?!

Our line of small batch, handcrafted artisanal spice blends and sauces will bring your old meals to life.  And should you find that cooking is not within your comfort zone,  Chef Janette will be happy to coach you back in to the kitchen. Whether you need to brush up on your skills, pick up a few new ones, or want to make a night of it with friends or family, private cooking classes are a great way to gain confidence.  Visit our Culinary Coaching page for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you!! Our site is ever changing, so please sign up below for periodic updates.