About Chef Janette


Creativity is an inherent part of my life.  I need it. I feed off of it (pun intended), and I have so much love for the beauty and complexity of food, I must share it.

Speaking of complexity, if I shared all the facets About Me, you’d be here all day!  I knowChef Janette Gomez I only have your attention for a few moments, so what I will share is this… my background is not only deeply rooted in the culinary arts, but also in the visual arts, art history, photography, and percussion.  I’ve travelled the world to experience culture first hand and found myself in so many wonderful far off regions.

While on my travels, I’ve met cooks from remote villages such as, Thailand, Cambodia & Malaysia. They invited me to shop at their local markets and cook with them.  Filled with passion, they shared their intricate techniques and exquisite dishes.  I was treated to similar experiences in the Australian bush and Maori kitchens in New Zealand.  While in  Europe, I learned how to make many varieties of Paella in Spain and Schnitzel in Germany.  I was shown how to make Papadum and Saag Chicken from the matriarch of an Indian family, and proper Italian Sunday Gravy from someone very dear to me who’s recipe came straight from Italy.  And of course the many Cuban dishes I learned  from my own lovely grandmother.  When I was just a little girl, her and I would spend afternoons prepping the family meals. When we were done, we turned on the kitchen TV and enjoyed all of Julia Child’s antics long before The Food Network existed.

I could go on and on, but these are just snippets of my lifelong culinary background that I would love to share with you.  Whether I make you a dish in your home, teach you how to make it, or you purchase one of my inspired artisanal sauces or spice blends from the local farmers market, I will be humbled and honored for you to taste my food.

And if only you take a moment to appreciate the visually stimulating images, or take the time to re-create one of my posted recipes. I welcome you as part of my journey.

Inspiration leads to the evolution of the soul. . .Chef Janette Gomez


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