Sauce Gallery

We specialize in bringing the best quality artisanal foods to you. Lead by Chef Janette Gomez, we create artfully balanced flavors in small batches to guarantee the freshest experience. We believe in real and nutritious food made from whole ingredients packed with creative flavors.


Artisanal Sauces, Dressing, Spreads, & Vinaigrettes

  • Date & Pistachio Butter – Dates, pistachios, unsweetened coconut and spices.
  • Figgy BBQ Sauce – Figs sweeten this smoky and robust BBQ!
  • Guava & Ginger BBQ Sauce – No added sugar, sweet, spicy, fruity BBQ
  • Fig & Apricot Spread – Black figs, apricots, spices and delicious!
  • Fairy Fig Dust & Friends Vinaigrette – Fig and spice infused balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Strawberry Lemonade Dressing – Fresh strawberries, sun-kissed lemons & spices.
  • El Chino – Fresh Mango based sweet & sour sauce with a kick!
  • Ninja Asian Vinaigrette – Soy based sauce with a heat that sneaks up.
  • Cilantro ‘Green’ Sauce – Fresh and simple sauce that can be used for everything!
  • Blackberry & Coconut Vinaigrette – Surprisingly sweet and tangy!
  • Blackberry & Orange Coulis – Beautiful sauce to dress your pancakes or ice-cream.
  • Caramelized Grapefruit & Chia Seed Dressing -Like grapefruit? You’ll love it!
  • Fire Roasted Tropical Hot Sauce (Mild, Medium or Hot) – Pineapple, jalapeño and coconut, enough said!
  • Burnt Sienna Sauce– Roasted Red Peppers & Garlic with by lemon & spices.
  • Mon Cheri Dressing – French Inspired dressing with shallots, garlic and lavender.
  • Green Matcha Dressing – Similar to Ninja Asian, but Green Matcha jumps in for Soy.
  • Sunshine Sauce – creamy non-dairy sauce staring  our Sweet Holi Curry, sesame paste, fresh garlic, ginger and other surprising spices.

Flavors on the horizon…

  • Spanish Honey Mustard Dressing
  • Strawberry Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Lime & Chipotle Crema Sauce
  • Hot Nut Sauce
  • Spicynaise Sauce
  • Mango & Pomegranate Dressing
  • Fig BBQ Sauce
  • Herb Infused Oils  (seasonal)
  • Herb Infused Vinegars (seasonal)

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Some items can be customized to meet your dietary needs.  Minimum orders will apply. Contact us for more information.

Food Allergy Notice: Please be advised that unless noted, your small batch artisanal product may not contain any of the below listed ingredients but are prepared in a facility that comes in contact with milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish or other allergens.