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Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 2.41.10 PMThank you Phoenix for nominating us into Phoenix Magazine’s Best of the Valley Top 10 Chef & Local Food Product for 2020 and voting the entire month of May to ensure the win!  

Results will be announced August 2020! Stay Tuned!! 

Screen Shot 2020-05-24 at 12.13.45 PM VOTED TOP 2 of 10 FOR TASTEMAKERS LIST OF PRODUCTS FOR SUMMER 2020! TasteMakers.com

“The first time I had your food I knew you were no joke!” {Instagram response after learning of Best of Valley 2020 Phoenix Magazine Nomination & TasteMakers Interview} M. McDonald, Phoenix, AZ

“I am crazy about them! found them at a farmers market in Phoenix and promptly fell in love with the guava and ginger BBQ sauce and everything else I sampled that day. I’m about to stock up and buy online for this quarantine!!” J. Rly. Pennsylvania

“I had a great (cooking class) experience, Janette the Chef/owner was very patient.  The food was outstanding and the instructions we took home we’re simple to understand, I plan on trying it at home.”   L. Gonzalez, Phoenix, AZ 

“Janette’s Spice Blends are the perfect kitchen accessory. The aromatic blends of spices perfectly compliment the dishes that I make in my home kitchen and for my clients. Her keen sense of balance of ingredients can literally take you to a country and experience a dish in its purest cultural form. I highly recommend Fig and Knife to compliment your endeavors.” R. Reino, Scottsdale, AZ

“I utilize Chef Janette’s hand crafted, artisan spices & sauces daily, in my own cooking at home. Her blends of aromatic seasonings are the only brand that use, as I know they are free from fillers, excess salt & cheap mystery ingredients. You can taste the love & mindfulness she puts into her work. 

The Fig & the Knife is the only brand I trust, as her hand ground blends take the guess work out of cooking. Everything is balanced yet robust & so incredibly flavorful, you’ll wonder why you ever bought anything else! 

My favorites include: Melba’s Cuban Mojo, Frida’s Flavors, Grateful Garden, Tune in Tokyo, Fig Fairy Dust & Friends, 7 layers, Artemisia THE Italian, Sunshine Sauce, Ninja Asian, & Janette’s Amazing “Green Sauce.” J. Mitchell, Phoenix, AZ

“I had a girls night at my home and decided as the only vegan of the group, I better be sure I have food that will impress my cautious friends. So, I hired The Fig & The Knife who catered a spread that both looked and tasted amazing. I was so proud of how it all turned out and everyone was impressed to realize we can have gorgeous, good, REAL food without the use of animal products.”  R. Kleiman, Scottsdale, AZ

“Chef Janette, a few words to thank you so much for catering our Thanksgiving Day meal for our family. The menu of Plant Base, Gluten-free, Vegan, Organic was amazing. We were able to keep our Thanksgiving Day traditions and our family had great food choices. The presentation of foods when it arrived was “too beautiful to eat”. Chef Janette, delivered all of the prepared food to our home. She made our Thanksgiving Day one of our most memorable ones.”  Thank you, D. Acuna & Family, Glendale, AZ

“I was lucky enough to come across The Fig and the Knife at my local farmer’s market. I could smell the amazing ingredients just walking by, WOW! Of course I had to stop as a foodie and explore. To be honest I am what’s called a lazy cook, I want it easy and quick without too much thinking.  As a vegetarian, I am all about using real, fresh, quality ingredients w/as little of the bad stuff as possible. Let’s face it, what you find at the grocery store is full of sugars/salts as fillers, no thank you.

I was very impressed with not only the quality of the ingredients in her products but also when you speak with Chef Janette you can feel the passion in what she is creating. I was so excited I bought 3 spices the very 1st time: 7 layers, El greco and Melba’s cuban mojo. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the el greco and 7 layers with all of my vegetable dishes, so fresh and so clean and delicious! I used the melba’s cuban mojo to try a vegan chili recipe I had seen her post on social media, WOW, my friends I had try it could not believe the chili I had made was even vegan! This stuff is flavorful.

I absolutely have tried almost all of her spices by this point and have loved everything I have tasted. As for sauces, the fig and apricot spread is Bomb and that Ninja dressing is magic! I hope to hire you for a future event soon chef Janette. Thank you so much for all of your insight & ideas on how to best use the products I have purchased from you. Looking forward to your upcoming creations.”  V. Fernandez, Phoenix, AZ

“I just love these products. I lack the training to identify as a chef, but have been called one by friends and family. I will, however, identify as an accomplished gourmet cook, as arrogant that may sound.

All that to say that I’m perfectly capable of creating my own spice blends. Sometimes I don’t want to bother and prefer to focus on the cooking. Janette’s blends allow me to do that. She has earned my trust as a fellow foodie who has a passion for the sublime finished product.

Picasso or Jerk yield delicious pork and chicken. Grateful Garden results in an incredible spatchcock roasted chicken. I even tried it in a coleslaw that had unique flavors.

My point is that you can count on Janette to do the heavy lifting with the blends and free up your own creativity for other aspects of the cooking process. She will not disappoint. Highly recommend!” C. Milkins, Phoenix, AZ

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  1. Priscilla Reinicke says:

    Janette creates magic with her fingers!! Every dish was bursting with flavor and made with love and care, but the star of the show for us was her honey + fig cheesecake. Truly incredible, and she took the time to present and explain everything. I felt truly appreciative and we all loved our meal. Thank you again!!

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