Here we go. . .

Welcome to the first public chapter of my culinary journey.  I am more than a chef who grew up in her grandmothers kitchen, and took every chance she could get to cook with passionate cooks around the world in places like Europe, SE Asia, Mexico and other little hidden gems.  I am also a Photographer, an Art Historian, a passionate foodie, a drummer, a goofball and an intense competitor.  But, I won’t bore you with long and complex rantings of why I love figs, or have a passion for collecting vintage knives and cameras before I tell you how to replicate the recipe.  I’ll keep those stories short(ish).  As a person who lives to be creative, I want the images and recipes to resonate with you and inspire you to make your own.  At the very least, coming back for more.

This site will be a feast for your eyes, mouth, stomach and soul for both you and I. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see you more with each post. Before you go, check out our line of artisanal sauces and spice blends. They will help you make delicious and healthy dishes of your own.

Chef Janette

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  1. Vivian says:

    Very creative and good stuff indeed! ❤


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