Flamin’ Asian Dip Sandwich

 a.k.a. Dashi Dunk You’ve heard of the French Dip, or Beef on Weck? Well now, you’ve heard of the Flamin’ Asian Dip or the Dashi Dunk!  Just in time for Chinese New Year! That’s right, a delicious flame grilled patty of artisanal

Sunset Sauce over Sausage Spheres, with Tri-Color Quinoa

A Local Phoenix Farmer’s Market Collaboration Artisanal Wine Berry Sausage from The Proper Beast, paired with our own creamy Sunset Sauce!  We’ve collaborated with our farmer’s market neighbors at The Proper Beast to bring you a delicious meal, which includes their NEW Wine Berry Sausage, featuring sweet sultanas and lemony sumac. Perfectly paired with our…