Triple Fig Chicken & Wild Rice

I once again had the honor of writing a special recipe and photographing the dishes for Edible Phoenix. After writing for the Spring edition,  I was excited they agreed to my focus on FIGS in the summer!! It is my company’s name sake after all, but more importantly, figs are a wonderful part of the  summer season. They healthily grow on trees in yards, on farms and in the wild!  I am like a kid in the candy store when they are brought to the farmers markets.  I wrote this recipe to highlight a fruit, that in many parts of the world, is only found in that packaged cookie on aisle 13 in your grocery store.  Figs are so much more!

Scroll down to learn a bit before going on to recipe via links below. 

Blanched Fig Leaves
Did you know that fig leaves are edible? Simply blanch them and use them to wrap the chicken as outlined in recipe. They impart a nutty flavor, much like coconut!

Featured in Edible Phoenix Summer 2019

Edible Phoenix Summer 2019

Edible Phoenix is a wonderful quarterly publication with a focus on all things local, such as,  produce, farmers, food artisans, events, and more, all in an effort to enlighten and educate the community on…. well, the community!! Look for Edible Publication in your city. 

              Click Here to download a PDF of Triple Fig Chicken & Rice recipe.

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